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The Dragons Den(Marvel pt 1)
Cherry had been mystified when she first heard that people had been sighting dragons, slightly worried, but mystified nonetheless. When vays finally made contact, finding not dragons, but tyrians, Cherry was completely ecstatic. And now here she was, travelling to a cave to meet one! She’s elated, each paw placed one before the other as her bouncy strides carried her forward. The rosey tinted vay practically dances on air with every step, her long tail swaying back and forth to the beat of her own drum. She’s quite a happy vay, bright and joyful. She sees no real reason to frown in all reality. Especially when her kind had found such fascinating creatures wandering about their lands. How long had they been here? Were they hiding? She’d never seen them herself. This would certainly be her first experience with the beasts of legend.
Jubilee had already begun hearing hopeful chatter on what benefits the tyrians could contribute to society now that they were returning. Th
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Reprieve( Eros pt 1)
How long had she been traveling? Tallulah wasn’t sure; All she knew was the desert she’d been crossing was hot, and only getting hotter by the minute. She’d left the canyon, and Patch behind hours ago, lingering thoughts running through her mind as she makes her way across the barren waste. The sun sat high above in the sky, a daunting reminder of the heat she’s traveled through just to get here. One paw in front of the other, grains of sand slipping between her toe pads, she finds her way in the direction of her next destination. After all, the tyrian had informed her that she would be looking for another of his kind. Why? Probably to gain answers to the questions which only seemed to keep arising the further she dove into the situation at hand. A soft exhale escapes her lips, the sound more of a pant than anything else. While she’s used to the barren, hot lands, she doesn’t prefer it. The blue lady would much rather be near the water. Ironic really
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Quests, questions, and curiosities[Patchwork pt 4]
 The wind flows softly through the canyon the pair sits in as the conversation slowly begins to progress, the soft breeze combing through Tallulah’s mane as she waits, breath bated, to hear what Patchwork has to say. Tally had done her part to ask why he had come here, and why his species was making appearances again around the lands; And for a moment she’s just not sure of the answer she might receive. It had been her task after all, and why she’d followed the soaring tyrian to the gulley. He seems pleasant enough, cheerful and welcoming, that much is sure. The blue lady’s ears tip back softly, blocking out the soft whispers of the wind as she idly turns her back towards it in an attempt to make listening to him easier. Not that she has to, but in the very back of her mind she’s slightly nervous, the true reason for her inability to sit still as she converses. He’s much, much larger than her, and though he seems friendly, anything could happen
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Say hello to the flying pancake[Patchwork pt 3]
Well, at the very least it was cooler at the bottom of the canyon that Tallulah had previously been observing, though now she trotted along the bed of the earthen cut with a light pep to her step. The rise and fall of paw pads against sand and dirt create a soft “plop” upon each footfall, echoing softly throughout the canyon as the blue lady pricks her audits and goes about her search. She’s sure this was the right area; The high walls of layered stone and mineral seemed to catch the breeze that entered it, trapping it and pushing it through the winding sandstone like an invisible river as it ricocheted hollowly against the walls of rock. The sound is almost hollow, like a soft melody of whistles and coos that bounce throughout the canyon every time the wind blows. Its continuous current brought relief from the dry, stagnant desert air; a welcome reprieve. She could understand now why someone with wings would come down here, though the stagnant, heated air would allow
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Close Encounter( Marrow Pt. 4)
 The whistling of frigid air as she descended was the first warning, barely a warning at that. In an instant, the hare was dead. Aquila’d barely even had a moment to think anymore about eating the creature. Stains of crimson blooming beneath its still, warm form, like a rose against a white canvas of snow as Marrow makes her landing. A massive head rises, bleached nostrils flexing as it inhales and antiqued eyes survey the smaller chaser before her. The very same head that had swallowed the final breath of the small, harmless creature the small vayron had considered making into a meal. The scent of crimson reaches her nostrils; it’s taunting, making the hollow pit of her stomach growl and churn. Maybe she shouldn’t have waited on dinner. How could something so prodigious land so suddenly and quietly? How didn’t she realize?
 Aquila first noticed she was shaking. As she roused from her stupor, she was overcome by feeling. No longer of the cold beneath h
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Ghost 5500 by Reos-Empire Ghost 5500 :iconreos-empire:Reos-Empire 37 7 Leaf by hopeboiwonder Leaf :iconhopeboiwonder:hopeboiwonder 2 0 Rinjani 5489 by Reos-Empire Rinjani 5489 :iconreos-empire:Reos-Empire 18 5 Nocturne 5303 by Reos-Empire Nocturne 5303 :iconreos-empire:Reos-Empire 12 6 Sekhmet 5391 by Reos-Empire Sekhmet 5391 :iconreos-empire:Reos-Empire 14 5 Zikomo 5167 by Reos-Empire Zikomo 5167 :iconreos-empire:Reos-Empire 14 5 Amastia 5285 by Reos-Empire Amastia 5285 :iconreos-empire:Reos-Empire 4 5 Andre Shiec by hopeboiwonder Andre Shiec :iconhopeboiwonder:hopeboiwonder 4 0
Hey everybody!
I was curious if anyone has ideas for how to promo your work on DeviantArt? I really need to get around a little more so I can start up commissions. It's rather important that I start them up soon, because I'm in a tough financial situation and I could use some help!!! If you fancy having some of my work, I would be so pleased to hear from you. You can comment on this journal or contact me privately. 
If you can, I would very much appreciate a subscription to my PATREON, or even a small donation in the form of a KO-FI
I'm planning on getting some really neat prizes goin for y'all !

Currently my prices are as follows,
Base Prices:
Sketches || Bust: 20 USD || Mid: 30 USD || FullBody: 40 USD
Lines || Bust: 25 USD || Mid: 38 USD || FullBody: 50 USD
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BAND AU Shinsou by hopeboiwonder BAND AU Shinsou :iconhopeboiwonder:hopeboiwonder 4 1 Big Boy Shinsou by hopeboiwonder Big Boy Shinsou :iconhopeboiwonder:hopeboiwonder 3 3 The Pyre. by hopeboiwonder The Pyre. :iconhopeboiwonder:hopeboiwonder 5 1 Smoosh by hopeboiwonder Smoosh :iconhopeboiwonder:hopeboiwonder 2 0 Revslug ~ !!!!! by hopeboiwonder Revslug ~ !!!!! :iconhopeboiwonder:hopeboiwonder 4 5
November Semi Custom+Starter Slot Sale
♦ 5 minute opening time.
♦ 2 Semi Customs per a person max
♦ For additional $10 you can buy a modifier. The maximum per person is two, you may either use both on one custom or give each of your customs one. Glint is not allowed this time.
♦ 4 common and 1 uncommon marking + up to 2 uncommon traits, Lisse fur and any color. No dominant markings! In case you'd rather switch the 1 uncommon marking for another common, it is allowed.
♦ When claiming your semi-custom, state which body type you want. 
♦ After your payment's been confirmed, you may design your vayron and submit them to approval! 
♦ You have 24h to pay for the slot. After that time passes, it will be forfeited to someone else. When paying, please add a note with your DA username for ease of finding your name.
♦ Further Semi Custom and Starter slot sale information is 
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Tyrian Study by ApexPlegian Tyrian Study :iconapexplegian:ApexPlegian 218 6



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Okay, lets maybe get this going



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